Gold Rose
Gold Rose

Gold Rose

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Indulge in a fresh fragrance experience with our limited-edition gold candle. Each rose candle is intricately covered in gold foil by hand. 

Processing times for orders is 3-5 business days before they are shipped out! 


Blush Candles are hand poured with 100% all-natural soy meaning our candles are biodegradable & vegan friendly! Each candle includes cotton, lead/zinc free wicks to ensure the most natural burn. The fragrance oils are free from parabens! All items are delicately made by hand, please understand that there may be imperfection and slight variation in the appearance by nature.


2.7in x 2.7in x 1.8 in. Burn time is 2-3 hours.


Blush Candles are designed for decorative purposes, but if you do decide to light them, please place on an even surface with a heat proof base. Candle care is provided with each order so don't worry love, we'll remind you again!


🔵 Love is in the Air: gorgeous floral aroma with delicate notes of jasmine & hyacinth arranged in this truly fragrant affair

🟢 Sweet Love: a citrus top of bergamot & orange wrapped with jasmine & warmed with vanilla to create a heavenly scent

🔴 Rose Bouquet: a beautiful aroma of velvety rose petals that will surround you with a soft, comforting fragrance 

⚪️ Unscented: no scent, no problem!

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Elaine M.
Beautiful Product, Rocky Start

I've already emailed this feedback but I do have a note to respond to--I was saying that it was frustrating to not notice the USD for what I thought was a local Canadian purchase. When I shared this, I was simply reminded of the USD being clear on every page--that's totally fair, but really doesn't help lol! What I was told additionally is that one of the owners is living in America and that's why the choice was made, but again, if this is a local Canadian company, the decision is frankly absurd for whatever reason it was chosen. If you want to market as a North American company then absolutely knock yourself out. But don't call yourself a local Canadian company and charge in USD. It's just cringe-worthy, and again, increased the cost of a single small candle to like $30. End of the day it doesn't seem they'll be changing this and so even though the candle itself was gorgeous, my plan to buy them all the time as add-ons to gifts was immediately eliminated because of the additional cost. Great product--strange business decisions that lost a customer.