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Blush Candles

Heart of Gold Dish

Heart of Gold Dish

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This marble dish will be a perfect addition to showcase your rose candle on. It has a beautiful gold brass heart at the centre which adds the perfect uniqueness to the simple marble.

The marble dish is heat resistant making it safe to burn your candles on it, however please note that you must watch the candle. Over time the wax will melt into a pool and may drip from the dish. The wax is easy to clean off the dish and you can use the melted wax as wax melts! Recommended burn time for candles on the dish is 45 minutes. 


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Sustainable Ingredients

Our candles are free from toxic ingredients, phthalates and parabens for an even, clean burn. Made with 100% natural soy wax and cotton wicks, our candles are vegan and sustainable.

Candle Care

Blush Candles are designed for decorative purposes, but if you do decide to light them, please place on an even surface with a heat proof base. Candle care is provided with each order so don't worry love, we'll remind you again!