Blush Love in a Jar
Blush Love in a Jar
Blush Love in a Jar

Blush Love in a Jar

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This coloured Love in a Jar candle will add radiance to any room in your home! The candle comes with a premium wooden wick which ensures a steady and even burn.


Blush Candles are hand poured with 100% all-natural soy meaning our candles are biodegradable & vegan friendly! The fragrance oils are free from parabens! All items are delicately made by hand, please understand that there may be imperfection and slight variation in the appearance by nature.


The jar is 3 in x 3 in by 4 in. Burn time is 50 - 60 hours. Please do not burn the candle more than 3 hours at a time. 


Blush Candles are designed for decorative purposes, but if you do decide to light them, please place on an even surface with a heat proof base. Candle care is provided with each order so don't worry love, we'll remind you again!


🔵 Love is in the Air: gorgeous floral aroma with delicate notes of jasmine & hyacinth arranged in this truly fragrant affair

🟢 Sweet Love: a citrus top of bergamot & orange wrapped with jasmine & warmed with vanilla to create a heavenly scent

🔴 Rose Bouquet: a beautiful aroma of velvety rose petals that will surround you with a soft, comforting fragrance 

⚪️ Unscented: no scent, no problem!